A little bit about us.

For many years, Chi Components have been a leading office chair components supplier in South Africa. We believe a good service has various compositions: A clear understanding of what client really needs, through discussion and communication with the client and provide efficient solutions for future potential projects. With our sourcing ability, we constantly improving the design closely with reliable, professional global partners, who are passionate and enthusiastic in office chair industry. We perform quality inspection to all components from our factories to ensure our client to receive highest standard products. We provide prompt delivery which assists our clients to speed their manufacturing process, where they have more time to focus on their production quality. All of Chi Components employees are passionate about their work, we believe a happy and healthy employee not only creates a good image to the company, butĀ also creates a good relationship with our clients.

Chi Components warehouses are kept neatly and tidy at all times, to ensure quick access to the stocks for prompt delivery.

Our showroom components are arranged in categories and clearly labled for easy viewing.